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Upper Cervical Approach to Whiplash Injuries

Drs. Jill Smith and Jeffery Fowler have years of post-graduate training in injuries cause by whiplash. As upper cervical chiropractors, their understanding of the injuries sustained in a whiplash is extensive and the unique treatment approach to whiplash is able to improve recovery in ways that traditional chiropractic care often cannot. This is due to the damage that a whiplash injury has on the upper cervical spine.

The Unique Forces of a Whiplash

During a vehicle collision, the head and neck rapidly accelerate and decelerates putting a tremendous amount of force on the upper neck joints in an area called the craniocervical junction. The craniocervical junction is the most unstable part of the entire spine. Sitting right on top of these vulnerable joints Is your skull, which commonly weighs around 15 pounds.

In most impacts to the body, the forces of that impact will travel throughout the skeletal frame. In contract, during an accident, the body is strapped to the car while the head is able to fly around freely creating a whipping motion at the neck.

Common Instability After a Whiplash

The rapid acceleration and deceleration of the head and neck can misalign the craniocervical junction, which are the joints between the skull and the upper neck. The ligaments in the craniocervical junction are much weaker than the ligaments in the rest of the cervical spine. It is much more likely to misalign the upper neck than the lower cervical spine in a whiplash injury. Because these upper neck ligaments are weaker, the whiplash injury can also sprain these ligaments easily. If these ligaments sprains are not properly evaluated and the joints are left uncorrected, it can lead to long term craniocervical instability.

Advanced Imaging

The craniocervical junction is often overlooked or misunderstood in typical imaging that is taken after a whiplash injury. Upper cervical chiropractors are the experts in evaluating the craniocervical junction. Our upper cervical chiropractors at Citrus Regional Clinic of Chiropractic take specific and unique x-rays of the craniocervical junction, which allows them evaluate and measure the alignment of the upper cervical spine.

Our upper cervical chiropractors also look deeper at the craniocervical junction on MRI, evaluating the small ligaments and structures that are within it. By getting a comprehensive understanding of the upper cervical alignment and the stability of the upper neck, we are able to make a specific plan for recovery.

The Importance of a Gentle Correction

At Citrus Regional Clinic of Chiropractic, we use a cutting-edge correction called the Advanced Orthogonal Technique. This is a very gentle and controlled method of correcting the upper neck. Unlike typical chiropractic which can use more forceful adjustments, our Upper Cervical doctors understand that a gentle approach is necessary. After an accident, stability is compromised, and too much force can prevent the neck and healing correctly.

Our doctors have trained for years to be able to deliver precise and gentle Advanced Orthogonal corrections that are calculated for each individual. Their postgraduate training prepares them well for handling complex injuries such as whiplash from car accidents.

Long Term Stability

The focus of care is to restore the long-term stability of the craniocervical junction. This naturally improves the health and stability of the rest of the spine. Although every case is unique in complexity and severity, the goal of care remains the same. Upper cervical chiropractic care is not focused on repetitive adjusting. Instead, it is focused on making a stable correction to an area that is overlooked in most of the whiplash treatment protocols.

Whether your whiplash injury is recent, or occurred long ago, upper cervical care is an essential part of recovering from whiplash injuries.

How To Get Started

Our chiropractic clinic is located in Inverness, FL. If you have had a whiplash injury and would like to see if you are a candidate for care, please call the office at (352) 344-1300. We will schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Jill Smith or Dr. Jeffery Fowler. This initial visit will include specific set of X-ray of your upper neck. Depending on your case, additional imaging may be necessary. If you are a candidate for care, your doctor will tailor a plan, sit down and explain your care, and start the correction process. We care about you, we understand you want the root of the problem corrected, and we are here to help.


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