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An Expert Approach From The Top-Down

When back pain takes you out of work and limits your life, drastic changes need to be made. Although common back pain treatments like therapy, surgery and ablation focus on the location of the pain, much of the problem with back pain originates from a different area of your spine.

Drs. Jill Smith and Jefferey Fowler have a unique approach to back pain. Instead of focusing on the area of pain, our upper cervical chiropractors focus on correcting the root cause of the back pain, which often comes from the upper cervical spine.

The Cause & Effect Relationship

The spine is stabilized by the posture muscles surrounding the vertebrae. When these posture muscles become imbalanced or do not stabilize the spine, it can lead to bending or twisting of the spine. The more work that is done on a spine that is imbalanced, the more wear and tear the disks and joints of the back will experience.

The posture muscles are controlled by nerves that come from the brainstem. The brainstem is located at the craniocervical junction, which is the joints between the skull and the upper neck. Any interference with these upper neck nerves and the brainstem can cause the signals going to the muscles to become imbalanced. So, when the back begins hurting, it is important to look to the neck as the likely root cause.

Addressing the Brain Stem

Upper cervical care focuses on restoring nerve signals that control your posture. It is very similar to the way a circuit breaker works.

A misalignment of the craniocervical junction can cause interference with the posture nerves. By carefully analyzing the upper neck with x-rays and other advanced imaging, our upper cervical chiropractors are able to determine the root cause of this nerve interference. Correcting the alignment of the craniocervical junction through upper cervical care restores the nerve signals so that the low back stabilizes and balances, which naturally reduces pain.

Aligning the Craniocervical Junction

At Citrus Regional Clinic of Chiropractic, Drs. Jill Smith and Jeffrey Fowler use the Advanced Orthogonal Technique. This technique is one of the most precise, calculated, and gentle methods of correcting the upper cervical spine. Although this methods focuses on correcting the alignment of the neck, its impact on back pain and the stability of the spine is powerful and effective. By stabilizing the upper cervical spine, back pain relief becomes long lasting.

Keeping the brainstem functioning at its best will not only bring this lasting relief. It also protects you from future injuries in the back and keeping your spine stable.

How To Get Started

Our chiropractic clinic is located in Inverness, FL. If you have back pain and would like to see if you are a candidate for care, please call the office at (352) 344-1300. We will schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Jill Smith or Dr. Jeffrey Fowler. This initial visit will include specific set of X-ray of your upper neck. Depending on your case, additional imaging of your spine may be necessary. If you are a candidate for care, your doctor will tailor a plan, sit down and explain your care, and start the correction process. We care about you, we understand you want the root of the problem corrected, and we are here to help.

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