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Getting Down To The Root Of Your Headaches

Too often, headache symptoms are managed without the root cause of the headache being identified or corrected. This leaves so many patients on pills, in pain, or getting other types of chiropractic adjustments far too often.

Dr. Jill Smith and Dr. Jeffrey Fowler are both Upper Cervical chiropractors, a type of expert focused on dealing with the root cause of many headache types. With years of post-graduate training, our doctors have successfully treated thousands of patients with headaches with lasting results. So this begs the questions:

Why is Upper Cervical care so successful at treating headaches?

Successful headache treatment has everything to do with identifying the root cause of the headaches first. Often, headaches are related to interference in the nerves in the upper neck. There is a structure in the base of the brain that extends down the top of the spine called the trigeminal nucleus. This sensitive nerve structure is responsible for pain sensation in the neck, face, and head. A misalignment in the top of the neck (an area called the craniocervical junction) can irritate this structure and cause various types of headaches and facial pain.

There is also a nerve that comes out of the upper cervical spine called the greater occipital nerve. When the upper cervical spine is misaligned, it can directly irritate this nerve, leading to pain coming from the back of the skull. Common treatments include medication, botox injections, and nerve ablation. However, the results of these treatments are often short lived and the root of the problem is left unresolved.

We understand that patients don’t want short-lived interventions but want to get down to the cause. At Citrus Regional Clinic of Chiropractic, we don’t move forward with care unless we can identify the root of your headaches. We always start with a detailed examination and X-rays specific to your case. These exam results and images are analyzed carefully to understand the problem and carefully craft a treatment plan.

Precision Correction

Drs. Jill Smith and Jeffrey Fowler practice a cutting-edge method called the Advanced Orthogonal Technique. This method uses a percussion sound wave technology to correct the alignment of the craniocervical junction. It is gentle, precise, and with proper care it is a long-lasting correction.

The correction is calculated from the analysis of the patient’s X-rays. By realigning the craniocervical junction, irritation of the nerves is relieved and the joints of the neck are restored to their proper position. This approach to headaches consistently provides long term relief. By following the treatment plan, many patients have gone years without headaches without the use of medication or other intervention.

How To Get Started

Our chiropractic clinic is located in Inverness, FL. If you have headaches and would like to see if you are a candidate for care, please call the office at (352) 344-1300. We will schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Jill Smith or Dr. Jeffrey Fowler. This initial visit will include specific set of X-ray of your upper neck. Depending on your case, additional imaging may be necessary. If you are a candidate for care, your doctor will tailor a plan, sit down and explain your care, and start the correction process. We care about you, we understand you want the root of the problem corrected, and we are here to help.

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