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A Precision Approach To Neck Pain

Neck pain is a primary focus of Dr. Jill Smith and Dr. Jeffrey Fowler. With years of post-graduate training, our doctors have excelled at treating patients with neck pain from whiplash injuries, posture problems, falls, concussions, and more.

Neck pain often arises from problems in the joints, muscles or discs of the neck. One of the most vulnerable areas of the neck is the craniocervical junction, which is made up of the joints between the skull and the upper neck. Unlike the rest of the neck, the craniocervical junction has no discs. When these upper cervical joints misalign, it can cause direct pain from the misaligned joints. This misalignment can also create compression and tension on the brainstem and other sensitive nerves.

Our upper cervical chiropractors have a unique and highly specific method for evaluating the neck and upper cervical spine. Using a variety of well-established neurological exams, even subtle problems can be detected. With specialized x-ray and imaging protocols, the alignment of the upper cervical spine is carefully measured and analyzed. The goal of these tests and imaging is to identify the root of the neurological problem. Once the problem has been identified, a correction can be made.

A Gentle Correction

Neck pain is a sensitive problem to endure. Forceful adjustments can worsen symptoms in vulnerable situations. Because of the sensitivity of the neck, Drs. Jill Smith and Jeffrey Fowler practice a cutting-edge method called the Advanced Orthogonal Technique. This method uses a percussion sound wave technology to correct the alignment of the craniocervical junction. It is gentle, precise, and with proper care it is a long-lasting correction.

By realigning the craniocervical junction, pressure on the brain stem and nerves is relieved and the joints of the neck are restored to their proper position. This method of addressing neck pain has been proven to be one of the most consistent approaches to long-term neck pain relief.

Over 90 Years of Expertise

Drs. Jill Smith and Jeffrey Fowler follow in the rich heritage of Upper Cervical chiropractors, starting with Dr. BJ Palmer. In the mid-1920s, Dr. Palmer, who is known as the developer of the chiropractic profession, started investigating the influence of the upper neck on the health of the body. Not only was neck pain relieved, but many other health problems were significantly improved. In 1931, BJ Palmer announced to the field that his work proved the primary interference in the nervous system was in the upper neck. This birthed the first upper cervical technique.

Since 1931, clinical experts have advanced the procedures and technology used in the upper cervical field. Today, there are over 1000 certified upper cervical chiropractors practicing 9 different techniques that have been developed and refined over the last 90 years. Upper cervical chiropractors today are on the cutting edge of spinal care, brain health, and healthcare. Many lecture nationally and internationally to chiropractic, medical and surgical professionals. This includes our very own doctors. The advancements in this emerging field continue to push the boundaries of care ensuring that conditions like neck pain are always in the hands of the experts.

How To Get Started

Our chiropractic clinic is located in Inverness, FL. If you have neck pain and would like to see if you are a candidate for care, please call the office at (352) 344-1300. We will schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Jill Smith or Dr. Jeffrey Fowler. This initial visit will include specific set of X-ray of your upper neck. Depending on your case, additional imaging may be necessary. If you are a candidate for care, your doctor will tailor a plan, sit down and explain your care, and start the correction process. We care about you, we understand you want the root of the problem corrected, and we are here to help.

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